35mm FILM // Steph

I’ve been taking pictures for fifteen years. I started out shooting film, using my dad’s old camera from 1969. Obviously for work purposes, digital is the most economical so over the years I let the film camera sit on a shelf and collect dust. More recently I’ve been attempting to challenge my creativity in different ways, and one of those ways was to start shooting film again. I got the latest roll back from the lab recently and was blown away by the quality. Stunningly beautiful for a 40+ year old camera. I look forward to shooting more film and sharing the results!

For those wondering, these were shot on a Pentax K1000, 35mm. Processed and scanned by a local lab. No edits or retouching done to any of the images below.

FH000013 FH000014 FH000017 FH000011 FH000020 FH000015 FH000018


Happy Spring! Finally. It’s been a bit since my last post. This winter was long and dreary, but now that spring has arrived I’m looking forward to shoots and keeping the blog updated with some fresh images.

I’m excited to share the following photos of my friend Carli and her family in their loft. I photographed them when they were just three with one on the way, so it was fun to do a lifestyle session with the four of them in their amazing, natural light-filled home! These are my favorite types of lifestyle sessions, so casual and fun.

Felix-45 Felix-42 Felix-39 Felix-32 Felix-1 Untitled-1 Felix-10 Felix-12 Felix-14 Felix-15 Felix-20 Felix-82 Felix-24 Felix-48 Felix-28 Felix-30 Felix-51 Felix-69 Felix-67 Felix-78 Felix-86 Felix-84 Felix-89 Felix-94 Felix-99 Felix-101 Felix-103 Felix-110Felix-109Felix-114 Felix-118 Felix-120