Spring has finally arrived (and is here to stay!) in the midwest, so my days have been a buzz with lifestyle sessions. I met up with the Charpie family on a perfectly overcast afternoon. Last time I photographed them they were a family of three so it was a joy to meet the newest member (who’s already three) and get to photograph them again.

Charpie-3 Charpie-16 Charpie-31 Charpie-20 Charpie-32 Charpie-36 Charpie-48 Charpie-54 Charpie-64 Charpie-61 Charpie-71 Charpie-68


For all things wrong with social media, it is quickly redeemed by being able to connect with people all over the world and develop friendships. Over the last year, I’ve gotten to know a handful of true gems that started out as Instagram faces only to turn into to real life meet up’s and boom! Friendships formed.

These two babes are such an example. Dee is all the way from Australia, and Lex only from a few hours east of where I live. It just so happened that after following one another for quite some time, Dee mentioned she was making her way to the States and driving through our city on her way to Chicago with her friend Lex (who she also met via Instagram I believe). So another friend and I spent the afternoon laughing and chatting and forming a real friendship with these two who we’d only seen via Instagram prior to that. We took them all around town and snapped a few photos at the end of our time together.

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35mm FILM // Steph

I’ve been taking pictures for fifteen years. I started out shooting film, using my dad’s old camera from 1969. Obviously for work purposes, digital is the most economical so over the years I let the film camera sit on a shelf and collect dust. More recently I’ve been attempting to challenge my creativity in different ways, and one of those ways was to start shooting film again. I got the latest roll back from the lab recently and was blown away by the quality. Stunningly beautiful for a 40+ year old camera. I look forward to shooting more film and sharing the results!

For those wondering, these were shot on a Pentax K1000, 35mm. Processed and scanned by a local lab. No edits or retouching done to any of the images below.

FH000013 FH000014 FH000017 FH000011 FH000020 FH000015 FH000018