Happy Spring! Finally. It’s been a bit since my last post. This winter was long and dreary, but now that spring has arrived I’m looking forward to shoots and keeping the blog updated with some fresh images.

I’m excited to share the following photos of my friend Carli and her family in their loft. I photographed them when they were just three with one on the way, so it was fun to do a lifestyle session with the four of them in their amazing, natural light-filled home! These are my favorite types of lifestyle sessions, so casual and fun.

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2014 started off with a bang when I traveled to Paris in early February. The rest of the year surprised me with it’s share of ups and downs but overall I can classify the past twelve months as this–quality over quantity. I had fewer shoots and weddings which gave me the opportunity to use the rest of my time exploring some creative endeavors and reconnect with my work on a more intimate level. I feel ready to leave 2014 with what I’ve learned and enter the new year with a vigorous passion.

The following images are some of my personal favorites from client work as well as my time in Paris, Traverse City and Palm Springs.  I am thankful for this year because I’m walking away from it with a tremendous amount of growth and a new sense of artistic freedom.

Here’s to sending 2014 off with good memories and beginning a new year with a new attitude.

C h e e r s !

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