Gardner-12 Gardner-18 Gardner-32 Gardner-42 Gardner-50 Gardner-67 Gardner-75 Untitled-2 Gardner-88 Gardner-93 Gardner-115 Gardner-117 Gardner-123 Gardner-130 Gardner-135 Gardner-163 Gardner-190 Gardner-180 Gardner-220 Gardner-148 Gardner-579 Untitled-5 Gardner-291 Gardner-296 Gardner-261 Gardner-294 Gardner-300 Gardner-323 Gardner-372 Gardner-377 Gardner-380 Untitled-3 Gardner-363 Gardner-410 Gardner-433 Gardner-434 Gardner-460 Gardner-506 Gardner-473 Gardner-516 Gardner-519 Untitled-1 Gardner-324 Gardner-573 Gardner-589 Gardner-597 Gardner-630 Gardner-643 Untitled-4 Gardner-683 Gardner-687 Gardner-691 Gardner-698 Gardner-705 Gardner-713 Gardner-730 Gardner-736 Gardner-774Kevin + Kelly were married on a beautiful mid September afternoon, and the day couldn’t have been more lovely. I loved their use of color and texture, it was the perfect fit for a fall wedding. Congratulations to these two, and thanks for letting me share in your day!

Venue // Nazareth Hall, Grand Rapids, OH

Bride’s Dress // Melissa Sweet

Bridesmaids Outfits // Top: Express, Skirt: The Limited

Tuxes // Pronto Uomo

Flowers // Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Cake // Eston’s Bakery



I spent a week back in the desert last month. However, this time we were able to introduce a few of our best friends to our favorite place. The week included Bloody Marys for breakfast, hiking through Joshua Tree, a sunset evening at Salvation Mountain, renting motorcycles and riding down to San Diego, and of course, many a days lounging by the pool. The desert is truly my favorite escape.

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams.”

// Antoine De Saint-Exupery  

PalmSprings-2 PalmSprings-3 PalmSprings-6 PalmSprings-34 PalmSprings-9 PalmSprings-7 PalmSprings-11 PalmSprings-381 PalmSprings-17 PalmSprings-394 PalmSprings-43 PalmSprings-51 PalmSprings-54 PalmSprings-59 PalmSprings-66 PalmSprings-70 PalmSprings-83 PalmSprings-91 PalmSprings-95 PalmSprings-141 PalmSprings-135 PalmSprings-172 PalmSprings-268 PalmSprings-180 PalmSprings-181 PalmSprings-274 PalmSprings-201 PalmSprings-189 PalmSprings-213 PalmSprings-259 PalmSprings-280 PalmSprings-297 PalmSprings-284 PalmSprings-289 PalmSprings-294 PalmSprings-299 PalmSprings-305 PalmSprings-312 PalmSprings-316 PalmSprings-321 PalmSprings-334 PalmSprings-325 PalmSprings-336 PalmSprings-338 PalmSprings-339 PalmSprings-357 PalmSprings-363 PalmSprings-375


PalmSprings-396 PalmSprings-403 PalmSprings-410 PalmSprings-399 PalmSprings-36 PalmSprings-426 PalmSprings-412 PalmSprings-427 PalmSprings-419 PalmSprings-434 Untitled-1 PalmSprings-438 PalmSprings-442Last week I soaked up the sun in Palm Springs, California. This time my husband and I traveled with a few friends, and it was a true joy to share our favorite place with some of our closest friends. They were just as mesmerized by it as we are, so we spent the week exploring and enjoying the landscape. The desert is a dream to shoot in…the color and texture, the light and shadows is nothing short of amazing. I snapped a few photos of our friends on top of the mountains behind our house. It was absolutely worth the brutal climb.