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As I mentioned in my last lifestyle post, it’s quite sentimental for me to photograph lifestyle sessions for couples whose weddings I’ve photographed. In this case, this session was the fourth time I photographed Patrick + Nikki. First their engagement session, their wedding, their maternity session and now the birth of their first baby, mister Hudson. I am so happy to be a part of my client’s story as their lives grow and change over the years. Thanks to clients like Patrick + Nikki who make my work feel special.  And congratulations to them on the birth of such a handsome baby boy.


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Last summer I had the pleasure of photographing Doug + Malissa’s wedding, and most recently I got to photograph them again thanks to the arrival of baby Leo. This session speaks volumes as to why I love casual lifestyle sessions, particularly ones shot in the client’s home. Leo was less than two weeks old for this shoot, and I love knowing that I was able to capture this time in their lives that will quickly fly by but yet they will have these images to look back on of Leo’s earliest days and the memories they shared during that time. Congratulations to Doug + Malissa and their beautiful baby boy!


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I was fortunate enough to spend the Fourth of July weekend camping in Traverse City with a handful of our best friends. We hiked to Pyramid Point one afternoon. It is a heavenly place well worth the climb. Northern Michigan is a place I could easily call home, and hope to visit again before summer’s end. Who knew water as crystal clear as the sea existed in the Midwest?