Becky & Chris.

It’s a been a very, very busy summer.  Photoshoots every week, actually. But what do I do when I have a free day with no shoot scheduled? Kick my feet up and relax? Mmm, nope. Not this girl. Instead, I called my friend Becky and asked if she and her husband would let me shoot them.  I’m loving these summer sunset shoots. The light is so warm and yummy, I’m taking advantage of it before autumn comes and we don’t see the sun again until spring. I had a lot of fun shooting these two old friends.  Chris was making me laugh so hard I could barely shoot.  Aren’t they the cutest, most fun loving couple?  Ahhh, I love love. 


Jim, Falynne & Owen.

Falynne e-mailed me several months ago about setting up a portrait session to celebrate her son Owen’s first birthday. She found me through her cousin, one of my past brides (who’s become a friend/wonderful “PR person” as I call her, thanks to all the referrals. Hi Erica!) :)  I love working with referral clients, it seems like we always seem to hit it off so well, and it’s as if we already know each other.  Thanks to this lovely little family for driving to Toledo for their session.  And happy first birthday, baby Owen :)

Original Photoshoot [part 3].

The last and final set of photos I want to share from my time in Rockford are of the beautiful ladies who run the Original Women’s Conference every April at Rockford First.  Lisa [she’s on the far left in the first image] is one of my dearest & long time friends, but over the course of my last few visits to Rockford I’ve gotten to know the other ladies, and I’ve see their passion & creativity firsthand.  Their desire is for the conference to empower & inspire women to be who we were created to be and to be women of influence right where we are in life, no matter where that may be. What a beautiful thing!  Thanks to these lovely ladies for letting me play a small part in their vision !