Brooke + Justin, 8.7.10

Brooke & Justin were such a laid back and easy going couple to work with.  I could tell they were both SO excited about not only the wedding, but also the reason for the celebration–the marriage ! So many wedding days are so chaotic that a lot of couples don’t even get a chance to stop and think, “Oh yeah, we’re getting married!” until the day is long over.  But with these two, I could tell they were so excited about being husband and wife that they were extremely relaxed and ready for their day to begin and lead them into their new life together.  They are such a sweet couple, and yet again, another incredible pair that completely made me feel right at home and feel like part of the crew.  Congratulations Brooke & Justin, and thank you for allowing me to share in your big day!

Kayla, Class of 2011.

I remember the summer before my senior year of highschool. It was one of the best ever, and just knowing I would be out of school and on my own to new adventures within months was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.  I love doing senior portraits, it is such a vital time in a teenager’s life and even though most of us look back at our senior pictures (even less than a decade later) and say, “why did I wear my hair like that?!” these portraits serve as a reminder of an exciting time in our lives when a new journey would soon begin.   I’m all about capturing life as it happens, as the story goes on, and what better way to document this time in one’s life than with a unique photo session? So if you are a senior and you don’t want the same old, same old senior session, but perhaps something a little more personal, a little more YOU–let me know and we can set something up ! :) 

So here’s miss Kayla…isn’t she pretty?

Becky & Chris.

It’s a been a very, very busy summer.  Photoshoots every week, actually. But what do I do when I have a free day with no shoot scheduled? Kick my feet up and relax? Mmm, nope. Not this girl. Instead, I called my friend Becky and asked if she and her husband would let me shoot them.  I’m loving these summer sunset shoots. The light is so warm and yummy, I’m taking advantage of it before autumn comes and we don’t see the sun again until spring. I had a lot of fun shooting these two old friends.  Chris was making me laugh so hard I could barely shoot.  Aren’t they the cutest, most fun loving couple?  Ahhh, I love love.