Sheryl + Keith 8.21.10

When Sheryl & I first met last year, she made it very clear that what she wanted in a wedding photographer was everything not traditional, typical, or the “usual”.  I always appreciate clients with this mindset, so with Sheryl’s declaration of non-traditional I knew we would be a good fit.  It rained all day on their wedding day, never really letting up much.  Thankfully our post-ceremony photo location had a large awning to keep the Mister, his new bride & their attendants dry.  Sheryl & Keith had a fantastic bridal party, never once complaining about the dreary weather but instead bringing a lot of laughter and enjoyment into the day. It was quite the party!  I love the way Sheryl looks at Keith.  It’s a look that says, “I’m so happy to be your wife.”  And that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


I have photographed miss Ella every year since the year she was born. And before that, I photographed her mom & dad’s wedding in my early photography career before she was even born.  Ella is quite the little miss with a saucy personality to match. A girl who knows what she wants,–I love it! And oh my how little darlings with blue eyes steal my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m at it again tomorrow with Sheryl & Keith’s big day…

Brooke + Justin, 8.7.10

Brooke & Justin were such a laid back and easy going couple to work with.  I could tell they were both SO excited about not only the wedding, but also the reason for the celebration–the marriage ! So many wedding days are so chaotic that a lot of couples don’t even get a chance to stop and think, “Oh yeah, we’re getting married!” until the day is long over.  But with these two, I could tell they were so excited about being husband and wife that they were extremely relaxed and ready for their day to begin and lead them into their new life together.  They are such a sweet couple, and yet again, another incredible pair that completely made me feel right at home and feel like part of the crew.  Congratulations Brooke & Justin, and thank you for allowing me to share in your big day!