It is hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. This year was full of growth, change, beauty and certainly some challenges. But as I look back over the past twelve months I can only be thankful for another year filled with wonderful clients, some life changing adventures and the chance to do it all again next year. Thank you for your love and support in 2013! Cheers to whatever 2014 has to offer. Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!

Here are a few of my personal favorite images from the year.

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I spend as much of my spare time as I can on the road seeking adventure. For me, it’s priority. I’ve never grown, learned and changed more than when I’m experiencing life outside my city walls. Earlier this month I traveled to Colorado to spend a few quiet days with some old friends. We stayed in Estes Park, the small but strong and beautiful community that is currently re-cooperating from the massive flooding last month. I always love escaping to the mountains, they are a breath of fresh air. Figuratively and quite literally. Creation is amazing, and I am continuously awed by it’s complexity and beauty. Many thanks to my travel companion for sharing the adventure, and to our precious host for some new experiences.