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I photographed Patrick + Nikki’s wedding a few years back and now recently had the pleasure of photographing a maternity session for them. We started the warm evening at their adorable cottage on Catawba Island and spent the rest of the night wandering around exploring some beautiful areas that feel like as though they are far outside of Northern Ohio. I love getting to work with clients over the years and see where their journey is taking them. Congratulations to these two !

TRAVEL // PARIS part II, Palace of Versailles


While in Paris we took a day to visit the Palace of Versailles. Though it was recommended as a must-see by several people, it wasn’t high on my priority list. However, I am so elated we decided to visit. It is magnificent in every way. I was fascinated by the natural light streaming in through the windows of the palace and illuminating it in the most beautiful way. Next time I hope to visit more of the grounds and Marie Antoinette’s estate, as well as perhaps catch an opera at Versailles.

Part I of Paris here. Please do not use or share photos without permission. Thank you!

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By the end of this last year I was ready to throw off 2013 and move full speed ahead into 2014 (and a new decade of my life) in a big way, with something inspiring and beautiful. Paris came to mind. So my friend Angel and I booked tickets and spent a week making every moment count.

Our experience was almost quite perfect. From the weather, to the people and our daily adventures–it was truly magnificent. Some of my favorite moments included visiting Montmartre for the first time, touring the Palace of Versailles, sifting for treasures at the flea market, and getting to meet up with a photographer friend I connected with via Instagram. Angel and I discovered we make excellent traveling pals, we both wanted to do and see everything, including stops for food, wine and coffee a few times each day. It was great to experience this city once again alongside a beloved friend. If you’ve never been to Paris, I would say it is a must see. The French are so proud of their country and their culture, it inspired me to view my own city in the same light. I cannot wait to return to Paris, hopefully one day sooner than later.

“There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. We always returned to it no matter who we were or how it was changed or with what difficulties, or ease, it could be reached. Paris was always worth it and you received return for whatever you brought to it.” –Ernest Hemingway

*Please do not use or share photos without permission, many thanks!

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