October 27, 2016


Currently THREE of my closest girlfriends are expecting, and all due within a short amount of time. It is a really special thing to see people you love so dearly welcome a child into their family, and to see them go from regular old adults to mamas (and daddy’s) is really beautiful. My best mama-to-be, Stephanie and her husband are welcoming their first into their little family in the new year. To say I’m excited for them is a complete understatement…I think the only other people more excited about this babe is them (ok, grandparents too..)  I’ve known these lovers a long time and our bond runs deep, so I’m sure I’ll cry like a baby at the site of their first moments as mama and daddy.

We headed out to Oak Openings a few nights ago to document this very special time in their lives. Isn’t she glowing and too beautiful for words?

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