March 23, 2017


A lot of times when I get a new inquiry from wedding clients, they’ll say something like, “And we don’t need an engagement session.” I DO understand this thought initially. I mean, why would you need photos together before the wedding? Aren’t the wedding photos what truly matters? And to that, I say… The engagement session is nearly just as important as the wedding day photos. And it’s important to do with YOUR wedding photographer. W h a t ? And why? Well, most of us are not reality tv stars who are comfortable with a camera on us as we laugh and move about. It can certainly feel awkward to have someone taking your picture while you’re trying to be all natural.

And with that said, here’s a few thoughts on why it’s important:
-First of all, it gives the client a chance to see what it feels like to be photographed. Being candid in front of the camera can be awkward at first. And we don’t really want the wedding day to be our trial run.
-It gives the photographer a chance to see how the couple interacts and “fits” together. Does he blink a lot? Good to know. Is she a foot shorter than him? Good to know. Etc. You get the idea.
-This time together during the engagement session gives us a chance to get to know one another better. That way, on the wedding day it doesn’t feel like there’s a complete stranger showing up to document the biggest moment of your lives.

And finally, it gives us time to play around and have some FUN! Maybe we stop at the place you had your first date, or where he proposed, or where you like to spend time together. Or even just some cool location off the beaten path. Because there’s no wedding day pressures or limitations, it’s just fun. And who doesn’t want a good excuse to buy a new outfit or wear your favorite one? 😉

Does this mean that I can’t do my job and present you with beautiful wedding photos because maybe you live out of town and we just couldn’t coordinate an engagement session before the wedding? Absolutely not. I’ve done it, and it’s totally possible. But I consider wedding photography to be an experience. It starts with our initial meeting, then onto the engagement session, the wedding, and finally–presenting you with a beautiful custom album that tells your wedding story. It’s not about just showing up to shoot the wedding and handing over digital files.

With that said, here is a handful of some of my favorite moments from past engagement sessions.

Doing an Engagement Session


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