December 27, 2016


My job as a photographer is to capture the good and joyful moments in the lives of others. This year was an interesting tension between documenting happy moments for clients + friends all the while dealing with some personal hardships in my own life. However, the juxtaposition of trials I was facing versus the happiness in others seemed to propel me forward professionally to birth a really beautiful year on a creative level.  Isn’t it ironic how life can work that way? I met up with old clients, made friends with new clients, and really felt “at home” with my work this year and confident in what I was creating. Taking photographs is certainly not just a source of income, but something I love from the bottom of my heart. It truly moves and changes me with each passing year.

I’d like to above all, thank those of you who entrust me to capture your life’s monumental moments. Thank you for the love, support and encouragement to keep doing what I do. To say I’m looking forward to a new year is an understatement. And while I’ll be glad to leave 2016 behind and start fresh in 2017, I will always remember this year as the ebb and flow of beauty and change, growth and brokenness.

Happy New Year, friends! I’ll be heading into this one with little expectation but definitely a motivation to always seek the beauty in life. Here’s just a small set of some of my favorites moments from this past year, in good ol’ classic black and white. Enjoy!


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