Eliza Home Birth
February 16, 2017


As I sit down to share my vantage point of this home birth story, I keep falling short on words.  Because, how does one verbally sum up seeing life brought into this world? A week ago today, my heart grew a little bit larger as I watched two of my closest friends welcome their daughter into the world. In the middle of a snowy and cold February night, little miss Eliza was born. Before this night, I had never been present for a birth before. I have shown up  just moments after a few different babies have been born but never the actual birth. Seeing someone you love dearly welcome another human into the world is absolutely indescribable. Steph chose to give birth at home surrounded by her husband, her mama, myself, and a great team of midwives. It was a perfect setting that could not have gone any smoother. They didn’t know the sex of the baby until she was born, and when the midwife called out “It’s a girl!” I screamed. Tears immediately poured down my face, leaving me speechless. I will never, ever forget the looks on Brandon + Steph’s faces as they saw and held their daughter for the first time. I will carry that in my heart forever. Steph did the most  job birthing Eliza, and Brandon too, being by her side the entire time offering support and encouragement. A week later, I am still in awe over the miracle of life and just how incredible the human body is! Such an intimate gift.

Congratulations to this new family of three. This little babe is so loved and adored already. I cannot wait to be her Auntie Noelle.

Eliza Monet Paxton | 2.9.17 | 8lbs, 20 3/4″


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