Style of Work

I consider myself an active observer, telling a visual story that is uniquely yours. It’s a nontraditional style that forgoes the trends and focuses more on an honest approach. One that will offer you images with emotion, and movement and genuine human interaction.

My ultimate goal is to present you with a collection of photographs that really just capture the most genuine thing there is. And that’s you being you. Photos that are a true reflection. What does that mean exactly? It means images that are casual, candid and fun. I want your photos to bring emotion + warm, happy memories flooding back for a lifetime. It’s not about following a set list of photo requests or replicating something from Pinterest. But instead, my intentions are to document moments organically and curate images with a creative attention to detail. Whether it’s the annual family session, an intimate elopement or everyone invited wedding, I love capturing whatever chapter of life you’re in. The clients I work with value this approach and entrust me to capture their story in a genuine way.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s get together. Maybe over coffee, or FaceTime if you aren’t local. Come tell me your story!